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Create a Quilt Shop Account

Instructions on how to Complete your Quilt Shop Registration:
  1. Fill out *all* of the information below.
  2. Pay the required entry $20 fee.
  3. Submit an eGift Certificate for a prize worth at least $5 (eMail it to quiltdash@gmail.com).
  4. You'll receive an email, giving you a link to go to, to get the codes for the creatives for your site.
  5. Once Quilt Dash receives both the payment and the prize information, we will log in and approve your participation.

That's all there is to it!  If you have questions, feel free to email us at QuiltDash@gmail.com

A Note for Quilt Shops -- if you do not want to participate in the current Quilt Dash, that's perfectly ok.  But, if you want to be notified of future Quilt Dashes, then please register (there is no charge to register) so that you will automatically be notified via email when we declare a new Quilt Dash.

All quilt dash participation is on a first-come, first-paid basis.


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* After submitting the form you'll be sent with a login
details message to the email you've specified
PLEASE add QuiltDash@gmail.com to your email address book.


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