Quilt Dash brings quilters to quilt shops and quilt shops to quilters - one Quilt Dash at a time!


Featured Quilt Dash Shop
Downloadable quilt patterns, fabrics,
Featured Quilt Dash Shop
Free block of the month (and more!) quilt patterns!
Featured Quilt Dash Shop
Saving Sanity through Quilt Therapy - One Stitch at a Time
Quilt Therapy


 The December 2022 Quilt Dash will be our Last One! There will not be anymore in 2023 & beyond.

However all of our Previous Quilt Dash patterns (since 2008) can be Found at:
Dash Patterns!


Next Scheduled Quilt Dash:

"Let it Snow"
December 15 - 30, 2022

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"It is so fun to not only look for the quilt pattern of the month but also just to enjoy each shop! So much talent is displayed in each one and I love spending the time to do this!
 ~ Marjorie

"Thank you for sharing your time and talent in creating these games. They are fun and I get to visit shops I never knew existed." ~ Barbara K.

Have you ever found a super quilt sale, and found it calling your name? So much that you had to DASH to the shop to get your quilt fix?*

That's what Quilt Dash is all about!  It's an online hide-and-seek game, where various quilt shops join us to offer you their best, and our members register to DASH to the shops and find the Quilt Dash creative image!

But, more than that, it's a chance for you to visit online quilt shops that perhaps you've not visited before. It's a chance for you to expand your quilting horizons. It's an opportunity to dance the Quilt Dash dance with us!

Once you register*, you are offered the option of joining a Quilt Dash (or two or six).  And every member who completes a Quilt Dash, receives a FREE quilt pattern!

In the end, if you visit all of the quilt shops that are part of the Quilt Dash that you enter, your name will be dropped into our Quilt Dash basket and you have a chance to win prizes - fabulous Quilt Dash prizes!

Click Here to register as a member and
start on your Quilt Dash adventure!

*Only ONE member per email address is allowed to enter.


Add new customers and increase sales through our fun Quilt Dash Games where we give quilters a free quilt pattern for touring your online store! This is a great opportunity for special sales by you that will create loyal customers.

We offer a new and unique opportunity to help grow your visitor numbers, and hopefully increase your quilt shop sales!

Quilt Dash only allows 40 quilt shops to join each Quilt Dash. You can, of course, join as many of the Quilt Dash's that we offer - and we will run at least one quilt dash each month of the year. 

We also ask that your shop donate an eGift Certificate for a prize, to be used for the Quilt Dash you're participating in or for a future Quilt Dash. 

It's super-easy to join, and then add the Quilt Dash creatives to your website.  And it's a great way to meet and greet new customers and "give 'em your best" Quilt Dash smiles!

Click Here to register as a Quilt Shop and start
growing your quilt shop world with Quilt Dash!



"Thank you so much for the fun dashes and wonderful patterns.  I appreciate all of your hard work that goes into these events." ~ Sherry M.

"I love the [QUILT] DASH and look forward to it every month." ~ Pat M.



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